2007year 02month 13day
Made fire and fountain from hydrant

2007year 02month 01day
Made full VMP 1.5a. If you haven't downloaded VMP yet, you can download this instead of all previous packs and updates.

2007year 01month 30day
Now the 3D explossion has been finished. Update version is 15a. Next two versions 15b and 15c will be 3D fire and 3D "fountain".

2007year 01month 28day
I have added bloody monsters' body parts models.

2007year 01month 27day
I have fixed offset for some voxels. The biggest bug I have fixed is that died commander floats above the ground. And some more - in E3L5 where chopper explodes, the parts of it have wrong offset. And some very small wrong offsets... :) And now multi-switch lights like other switches.

2007year 01month 07day
Fixed stallbroken.kvx ...

2007year 01month 06day
I forgot to put Duke dying size fix to the previous update :) . New update file is very small.
Also I made full VMP 1.2. Those who haven't got VMP yet can download this. Like HRP XTR.

2007year 01month 05day
Fixed small bug in VMP - now when duke crouches, dies or swims, he will not be displayed below than he really is.

2007year 01month 04day
VMP update 1.2 is done. The only thing I have updated is monsters and Duke models quality. Previously I used /v192 in program POLY2VOX. Now I have used /v255 :)

2006year 12month 31day
VMP update 1.1 has been released!!!
I had enough time, so I have made lights for swithes. Lights on swithes will light in dark places!

2006year 12month 30day
I have done first version of voxel models pack. I have converted most of polygon models in HRP to voxel models with program POLY2VOX. Use it with EDuke32 or JFDuke. It is about 80MB size. Zipped file is 33MB size.

Good things:
        There are lots of models
        Models are good quality

Bad things:
        There isn't any animation if it is defined in ART files (for example, fan in HOLLYWOOD HOLOCAUST on the roof doesn't turn).
        Duke Nukem 3D can't load all models at the time.
        It will take long time to load models.

*my time is GMT+2